• Internal Auditor

  • Posted: 08/02/2019

    The Internal Auditor evaluates the Association’s quality of credit decisions, monitors portfolio trends, and examines operations issues to ensure adherence to policies and procedures and reports the outcomes to management and the Board of Directors.


    Regional Office Reviews

    • Creates sample content and schedule for each regional office
    • Audits the credit quality accuracy and credit administration compliance of loans against regulations and Farm Credit Illinois policies and procedures in credit and operations
    • Identifies and documents deficiencies
    • Inputs data and information to capture audit results
    Quarterly Reports
    • Exports and reviews data from regional office audits
    • Drafts the narrative for audit reports and makes recommendations for corrective actions
    • Facilitates meetings with management to discuss corrective plans and revise procedures
    Internal Control Compliance
    • Tests data in areas such as receipts, disbursements, wire activity, drafts, accounts payable, general ledger, and related services to determine compliance with Association’s key internal controls
    • Determines the content, information resources and format of samples and targets of internal control reviews
    • Identifies deficiencies and determines or recommends actions that offset deficiencies and weaknesses identified in the compliance review
    • Determines credit quality accuracy and credit administration compliance
    Portfolio Monitoring
    • Monitors the portfolio by running various programs and performing stress tests using customized software with criteria established by senior staff and the Board of Directors
    • Determines most relevant data and reports it to management and the Board of Directors
    • Originates and updates queries and reports
    • Determines criteria, content and format for reports
    • Ensures data is accurate and distributes reports
    Required Skills
    • Knowledge in credit extension, credit administration, and portfolio management procedures
    • Knowledge and understanding of universal credit classification definitions
    • Knowledge and understanding of general audit requirements and principles
    • Skill in utilizing a systematic approach to problem solving
    • Skill in utilizing Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook for efficiency and effectiveness
    • Skill in having perception of different dimensions of business issues
    • Skill in making sense out of complex issues
    • Skill in being decisive and flexible to change
    • Working knowledge of accounting principles, practices and methods
    • Working knowledge of internal control practices
    • Skill in preparing and presenting information to an audience in an engaging and effective way
    • Oral and written communication skills sufficient to discuss a variety of job-related topics, and to effectively communicate complex topics to a variety of audiences
    • Skill in negotiating complex agreements to achieve the best outcome for the organization
    • Skill and understanding of agriculture knowledge

    Required Qualifications

    Bachelor’s degree in agriculture finance, business administration, or accounting; Or an equivalent combination of education and experience sufficient to perform the essential functions of the job.

    We are seeking to fill two Internal Auditor positions and are open to considering recent college graduates as well as those with a number of years' work experience with internal controls, credit, audit, finance, or accounting.

    Preferred Qualifications
    Certified Public Accountant or Certified Internal Auditor preferred