• Matt Bradley

  • Matt Bradley

    Business Growth and Development Director


  • Role at the Champaign County Chamber: 

    Business Growth & Development Director.  That means if you have questions about how to start a business, or take an existing business to the next stage we should talk. 

    Favorite childhood book

    I don’t remember reading a lot, though my parents claim I did constantly.   The one that comes to mind is; The American Boys’ Handy Book

    Favorite food: 

    Good food.  It is a rare instance when I come upon well prepared dish and I do not enjoy it.  Exceptions would be liver and lima beans…..no thank you.

    Favorite Chamber event/program:

    Business Advisors’ Council (BAC).  Full disclosure I oversee the program so I’m slightly biased.  It’s fun to work with a lot of smart, entrepreneurial folks every day.  Also, knowing that my work directly helps our local business community grow and thrive inspires me to keep improving myself and the BAC.  

    If you could possess any super power what would it be?

    Time Travel

    Rock, Paper, or Scissors?

    Whichever one wins.

    Music preferences?

    Rock, Country, 70s, 80s, 90s, and classical.  It all depends on my mood or what’s happening at the time.  

    What is the best advice you have ever received?

    “You can learn something from anyone, even if it how not to do something.”