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    BSSS Webinar - Timing is Everything

    Picture of BSSS Webinar - Timing is Everything
    Recorded Webinar
    How well do you spend your most valuable asset?  Time management is a core skill empowers you to be more productive and helps to reduce stress.  This seminar will introduce concepts, practices, and techniques to maximize how you use your time.  Practical exercises will allow you to walk away with tools to assign; opportunity cost, value assigning, internal and external time usage, and how to leverage time to your advantage.   Don’t waste any more time, register now.

    Seminar info level:  Beginner

    Presenter Mark Pelmore has been in education and training for 30 years.  His diverse experience began in the military, moved to private education then public.  Currently he is the Executive Director for Lincoln and Hill where he develops programming for organizations, entrepreneurs and community groups.