• Vote No on the Progressive Tax

  • The Champaign County Chamber of Commerce has joined the Vote No to the Progressive Tax Coalition.

    The Chamber opposes the proposed constitutional amendment to create a Progressive Tax.

    The ballot language does not define which income brackets will be subjected to raised taxes. The changing tax rates come from an entirely separate piece of legislation voted on in Springfield - paving the way for potential tax increases at every tax bracket.

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  • Fast Facts

    The Progressive Tax Amendment…

    • Does not address sky-high property taxes.
    • Would pave the way for a 10.49 percent total corporate income tax.
      • It’s the third highest in the nation.
    • Would repeal the constitutional ban of more than a single tax on income.
      • The same dollar of your income would be able to be taxed over and over.
    • Would allow for tax increases at every bracket.
      • Legislators could pass legislation to change the tax rate for all brackets every year.
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