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Business Counseling Service

Starting or Growing Your Business? The Chamber is here to help.

The Champaign County Chamber of Commerce’s Business Counseling Services (BCS) is comprised of a great amount of senior-level executive experience, representing all modes of business including employment and staffing, business and professional services, retail, food and beverages, financial institutions, consulting firms, real-estate and construction. Unequaled to any other Chamber of Commerce’s Business Advisory Counsel in the country, the BCS is a critical difference in the Champaign Counties Chamber of Commerce.

Chamber members serve as advisors to BCS clients, providing important real-world insights into the issues and problems BCS clients face in their businesses. This perspective is vital to the Champaign County Chamber of Commerce as it strives to help shape local business and educational programs to best serve the changing needs of the Champaign County community.


By utilizing the skills and expertise of volunteer seasoned business professionals, the Champaign County Chamber of Commerce cultivates, encourages, and fosters business development and growth of entrepreneurial startups and existing businesses through direct or indirect mentorship, education, counseling and networking.


  • To assist in starting new businesses in East Central Illinois.
  • To provide business start-ups, and other existing companies with needed guidance and expertise to grow their companies.
  • To assist in job creation for the region.
  • To assist with job retention
  • Help provide guidance and oversight
  • Promote organization within the community (If we can add, or highlight one BCS client to the EDGE newsletter/month)
  • *To encourage cultural diversity within the local career pool* (Not sure if relevant or stated right)
  • To help businesses to the starting point, and through hurdles.
  • To grow the local economy.

Any questions contact Ryan Wolfe email: