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Committees and Volunteer Opportunities

At the Champaign County Chamber of Commerce, collaboration, knowledge sharing and community engagement fuel professional success. That's why we offer diverse committees to empower individuals like you, striving to excel in your respective field. By joining our committees, you can access a dynamic network of industry experts, thought leaders, and professionals passionate about driving economic growth and fostering meaningful connections.

Whether you are an established industry leader looking to share your expertise or a rising professional seeking to expand your network, the Chamber of Commerce committees provide a platform for growth, collaboration, and achievement. Join us today, and unlock the limitless possibilities that await you on this exciting journey toward professional success.


Ambassador Committee

The Champaign County Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors is important to our organization. Ambassadors act as liaisons between the Chamber and its members. They help to sustain positive relationships, educate new and existing members on how the Chamber helps their companies and serve as hosts to new members at several chamber functions. Chamber Ambassadors benefit from this volunteer opportunity by creating new contacts in the business community and opening doors for their respective businesses. This committee is ideal for any Chamber member seeking to develop more B2B relationships.

Find an Ambassador application here.

Chamber Lead: Mindy Cain


Champaign County First

The Champaign County Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with numerous community-based organizations and taxing bodies, makes up Champaign County First (CC1). CC1 is a united countywide effort to identify projects and initiatives that, when completed, will greatly benefit the citizens of Champaign County, spur economic development, and improve the quality of life in Champaign County. Champaign County First partners are committed to advocating for the identified local, state, and federal projects with one voice to transform Champaign County. Champaign County First members visit Washington, DC and Springfield annually. CC1 meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 8:15 a.m.

Chamber Lead: Madeline Herrman


Finance Committee

The Chamber Finance Committee guides the Chamber staff and board of directors on the Chamber's financial health through monthly reviews of the Chamber's financial statements and investments. This committee also serves as the annual audit committee. The Finance Committee is open to chamber members with a financial background and skills.

Committee Chair: Dan Kirby

Chamber Lead: Mary Fortune


Public Policy Committee

The Public Policy Committee will meet in person once a quarter. This meeting is for special public policy events, conversations with public officials, or other opportunities to garner the business community's perspective. As a result, the meeting times may vary but will be scheduled well in advance. Otherwise, the committee will meet as needed over Zoom to identify local issues impacting business and make recommendations to the Chamber's board of directors on improving the business climate through advocacy on the first Wednesday of the month at 8:00 a.m.

Committee Chair: Todd Higginbotham

Chamber Lead: Madeline Herrman


The Business Empowered PAC

The Champaign County Business Empowered PAC is a Chamber subsidiary corporation. This grassroots committee identifies, interviews, and endorses political candidates demonstrating a pro-business platform. The PAC meets as needed and more frequently during election cycles. Candidates highly seek the PAC's endorsement and the PAC's successful endorsement rate is extremely high. This committee is ideal for chamber members seeking to change the political landscape with strong candidates who understand business principles, financial responsibility and the business owners' rights to operate their business in a healthy business climate.

Committee Chair: Todd Higginbotham

Chamber Lead: Madeline Herrman


Chamber Board of Directors

The Chamber Board of Directors plays a vital role in the association's governance, stewardship, and oversight. The board provides strategic direction as the governing body, ensuring that the Chamber's mission and vision are upheld. They set policies, establish goals, and make key decisions that drive the association forward. With their collective expertise and diverse perspectives, the board acts as responsible stewards, safeguarding the association's and its members' interests. They oversee financial management, budgeting and ensure compliance with legal and ethical standards. The board also plays a crucial role in representing the Chamber to external stakeholders, advocating for the business community, and fostering strong relationships with government entities, partners and the public. The board meets on the third Wednesday of the month at 4:00 p.m. Members must be nominated to serve on the board of directors.

Board Chair: Dan Hurley

Chamber Lead: Laura Weis


Special Event Volunteer Opportunities

At the Chamber of Commerce, we understand the importance of community involvement and collaboration. That's why, from time to time, we organize events that require extra support from dedicated volunteers. These events are excellent opportunities to actively engage with Chamber members and positively impact the local business community. Stay updated by closely following our Chamber's social media channels and regularly checking your email for notifications about these volunteer opportunities.

Chamber Lead: Kelsie Woelfle.