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    About Us

    The world has an insatiable hunger for bandwidth, energy density and performance.

    Epitaxial devices are the key to feeding that hunger. EpiWorks pushes materials and device technology to the highest performance limits and is at the forefront in developing the breakthrough solutions that will drive the semiconductor industry to new heights.
    “Someone has to drive the technology and our industry to improve as fast as possible, to go in the right direction, and to do it in a way that’s not only high-performance, but scalable and cost effective,” says EpiWorks co-founder Dave Ahmari.

    EpiWorks is also unique in its commitment to working with its customers. Most companies will tell you they have great customer service, but how many prove it by working with their customers as partners? EpiWorks uses its in-house expertise in both materials and devices to shape its wafers to fulfill specific customer needs.

    So join the revolution. EpiWorks is inside everything and driving the future of technology.